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The organisers (Gregory, Rebecca and Jean-Claude) arrive early in Calais to get the room numbers. The order of « craquandines" is ready and we have a bag of these delicious nougatine squares to make them taste during the day.
Direction the city of Europe in order to join the first arrivals and eat a meal before departure.
The crews arrive on time, some of them even arrived the day before. Distribution of the bags with a bag of "craquandines", the rally plate, and various documents.
Before leaving, in the car park, Jean-Claude makes you taste the craquandines, a serious mistake for the rest!
Departure for a view of the entrance to the various tunnels under the Channel before going to Cap Blanc Nez with the view of one of the service tunnel boring machines on a roundabout.
We then drive towards Cape Blanc Nez and climb to the top of the cliff to see England right in front of us, weather permitting that day.
Before then seeing the bottom of the cliff, some take the opportunity to walk to the bottom. A short walk on the pebble beach among the painters.
We then go to Le Touquet, where we will have our sand yacht session. We cross Le Touquet by the main shopping street in the open air. In the car park, Jean-Claude offers other craquandines and there the most shy at the start come out with their hands full of the bag, it's true that it's really good.
Direction the sand yacht 30 minutes ahead of schedule, the wind still not being present, we have no illusions about the attendant's answer. The wind being lacking, the session was cancelled.
Back at the hotel, departure for dinner by grouping the crews towards the restaurant and passing between the guinguettes located near lakes.
In the restaurant, a few couacs about what we had between orders and available dishes feed the discussions well.


The day begins with a visit to the Calais Lace Museum. A beautiful collection from all periods is presented to us as well as the functioning of a loom, impressive mechanical precision and complexity.
For lunch, we go to the village of Saint-Joseph. It is a fully restored old village. The owner of the place allows us to park 2 Avantime under the mill. The hearty lunch ends with a cake covered with a photo of avantime in marzipan!
We will spend the early afternoon on site in the garden before heading to the blockhouse of Eperlecques. The visit of this historic site thanks to the guide who has always lived in the village, brings to life the whole history of this V2 launch base, which fortunately has not been operational.
The dinner will take place in a musical atmosphere, everyone was singing, because a singer was covering old French hits and a large part of the band was doing the lyrics!


Those who only participate in this day join us at the boarding of the Eurotunnel. Gregory gives us the boarding papers and some check-in instructions.
Then comes the boarding in the shuttle, one part on the first floor, another part on the ground floor, all lights out to avoid triggering fire safety.
As soon as we get out of the shuttle, after a rally at a gas station just after, we take the highway and we have to get into our heads to drive on the left.
Some 40 to 50 km of highway before reaching the exit for Leeds Castle and after 2 well negotiated roundabouts, we arrive at Ramada Restaurant.
Some English people, including Gavin and Mike, who have already met in the past, are there. 28 vehicles present, 15 from the Amicale and 13 from our English friends.
Departure to Leeds Castle whose entrance is located a few hundred meters from the Ramada. The visit being free, each one goes his own way. A short visit to the gardens and a test of the labyrinth where many will spend several minutes looking for the centre and then looking for the exit!

Côte d’Opale
May 14 to 16, 2010

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